Терри Колби был боссом Тирелла Веллика, и главным техническим директором Е Corp, до ареста ФБР после его IP-адрес был найден в файле .dat оставил позади массивной атаки DDoS fsociety в. В сериале его играет Брюс Олтмен.


Acting as CTO, Terry Colby visited Allsafe Cybersecurity, after a number of cyber attacks against E Corp, to coordinate with their cyber defense in order to stop further attacks. Following fsociety's DDoS attack, he returned to hear the report of the incident. During the meeting, he became impatient with Angela Moss's presentation, and through Tyrell Wellick instructs Gideon to remove her from the room. This does not sit well with Elliot, and that action pushes him to hand over fake evidence that implicated Terry Colby as an inside man in fsociety's cyber attacks. Weeks after Elliot handed the evidence over to the FBI, Terry Colby was arrested for his alleged part in the attacks.


Though he is the head of technology at E Corp, Terry Colby is not very knowledgeable or up to date on technology. Though it is apparent that he is unfamiliar with certain aspects of his job, he tries to give the impression that he knows more than he does. In at least one case, he is seen to overreact to a simple mistake by Angela Moss, suggesting that he was interested in asserting dominance in an arena that he was unfamiliar with.